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Thai boyfriend gets involved in wrong cat fight

Thai boyfriend gets involved in wrong cat fight

Police were called out to Soi Korphai at roughly 4am on November 24th after reports of a fight which lead to multiple knife attacks.

At the scene, police found a Mr. Charoen Aksornarong, 26, with stab wounds to his neck, and torso. He had lost huge ammounts of blood already, and it was still pouring. Paramedics were called immediately.

The initial fight broke out between the victim’s girlfriend and another Thai girl. Unfortunately for the victim, he was forced to help his girlfriend out after the other girl was well and truly on top at the time.

The victim’s friend, Thanapat Pong­wilai, 27, gave police an eye witness statement of what had occurred.

As the victim joined in, so did some guys from the other side, and the 1 on 1 fight turned into a bit of a mass brawl. It is still unclear who brandished the knife and stabbed the victim as the aggressors had fled the scene well before the police had chance to arrive.

Fortunately for the victim’s girlfriend, she ended up walking away with a few scratches and she is now helping the police with their investigation and hopes to track down the attackers in the next couple of days.
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