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3 Teens set to Face Assault charges in Chon Buri Murder Case

Alleged murderer, Suthep Poshomboon, files assault charges against teens

In the ongoing case of the alleged murder of a Thai teen by Mr. Suthep Poshsomboon, 3 teens are set to be called in to face assault charges.

Suthep, aged 50 years old, filed the complaint yesterday whilst being interrogated regarding the shooting that killed the Thai teen last week. The 3 teens, as well as the driver of the minivan will all be called in for interrogation tomorrow.

The 3 teens will be facing charges of assault, whilst the driver of the van will be facing charges for encouraging an assault, as well of breaking traffic laws.

The incident that took place last week was all caught on CCTV and the story has gone viral in Thai media circles, with the majority of people strongly backing Suthep over his actions. The CCTV footage shows a group of teens get out of a minivan and approach Suthep’s vehicle in an aggressive manor. Suthep’s family were also in the car at the time but that didn’t stop the teens delivering a small beating, before Suthep allegedly took his gun and chased the teens away, before shooting one of them.

Although the images were fairly clear as to what happened, it didn’t really tell the whole story. It was only when a video was released showing footage from inside the car of Suthep, that people became aware of the details. The video from inside the car clearly shows the teens carrying out what seemed to be an unprovoked attack, before being chased away.

It had all started after Suthep had allegedly blocked the minvan from parking.

The investigation continues and any updates can be found right here at Pattaya One.

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