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Teenage girl accuses tattoo artist for sexual assault

Teenage girl pattaya one feb 20 2024

A 16-year-old girl in Thailand has come forward with serious allegations against a male tattoo artist in Chon Buri province, claiming that she was drugged and sexually assaulted during a tattoo session.

The young girl reported the incident to Saensuk Police Station in Chon Buri and sought the support of the non-profit organization Saimai Survive to publicize her story. She stated that she was certain of the assault as the nipple covers she had been wearing were missing when she regained consciousness.

The reported incident occurred on February 12 at a private tattoo studio in Chon Buri, where she had visited as a tattoo model for the artist, receiving the service free of charge. During the session, the artist suggested that she only wear nipple silicone covers to assist him while tattooing her back. Despite having gone to the studio with her boyfriend for safety, she was asked to be alone with the artist as her boyfriend waited in an adjacent living room.

Following a few hours of tattooing, the girl began feeling discomfort and expressed a desire to halt the process. The artist then provided her with two pills, which she believed to be painkillers, but instead caused her to fall asleep. Upon awakening, she noticed her nipple covers were missing and felt that the artist had touched her inappropriately. She later contacted the artist to address the assault.

In a conversation captured in screenshots, the artist confessed that he may have inadvertently touched her, while the girl maintained that she felt the actions were intentional. Although he denied the allegations, the artist apologized and suggested that the nipple covers may have accidentally come off, offering to have a friend take over the tattooing if she felt uncomfortable continuing.

During an interview with Workpoint News, the accused tattoo artist maintained his innocence, acknowledging that he might have accidentally touched her but refuting any intentional behavior, citing an assurance that her boyfriend would have noticed any misconduct.

Furthermore, the artist has taken legal action against the client, citing damage to his reputation.


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