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Teenage boy, and grandma become engaged in Thailand

Teenage boy, and grandma become engaged in Thailand

A teenage boy and a grandmother-of-three have become engaged despite their 37-year age gap.

Wuthichai Chantaraj, 19, met his now-girlfriend Janla Namuangrak, 56, when he was just 10 years old

The divorced grandmother asked for her neighbour Wuthichai’s help with cleaning her home in the Sakhon Nakhon province of northeast Thailand.

He abided, and in the process of moving her potted plants and doing chores for the woman regularly the pair sparked up a friendship.

They have now been in a relationship for two years, and go on dates in the town and to restaurants.

The pair say they are not deterred by the 37-year age gap, as they are not shy about showing affection in public, regularly planting kisses on each other and holding hands.

Speaking about the relationship, Wuthichai, also known by his nickname Tung, said: “I have been with Janla for two years now.

“It’s the first time in my life I felt like I wanted to make sure someone was living comfortably.

“I saw her shabby house and found myself thinking of ways to help her live in a better condition. She is a hardworking woman and also honest. I admire her.”

Despite becoming intimate around two years ago, the couple kept their relationship a secret from their friends and family.

They eventually came out as an item at the start of the year.

Since becoming public in January, the pair have taken to social media to post videos and pictures of their romance.

Janla went on to say that Wuthichai makes her feel young again.

The grandmother split up with her previous partner – her husband of 20 years, whom she has three children with and are all in their 30’s.

Now, the pair have revealed they are planning to get married.

The mother-of-three said: “Wuthichai has been like a superhero for me. He helped me every day.

Then when he was older we started to have feelings for each other.

“When we told people we were in love, they thought it was crazy.

My children were shocked.

“But he makes me feel young again and we have stayed together. We’re happy. We will get married.”


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