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Taxi trouble on walking street

Residents and tourists in Pattaya are facing daily hassles due to the disruptive conduct of certain taxi drivers on the popular nightlife hub, Walking Street.

Numerous complaints have surfaced, revealing that taxis frequently park illegally, obstructing traffic and inconveniencing both vehicles and pedestrians. When confronted, drivers respond with aggression and offensive language, creating a hostile atmosphere for those challenging them.

A local resident, Mr. Tom (pseudonym), expressed frustration, stating, “They don’t care about anyone else. They just park wherever they want, and if you try to talk to them, they will curse at you or threaten you. It’s very frustrating and scary.” Despite reporting the issue multiple times, no action has been taken, leaving residents disheartened.

Residents emphasize that taxis often cause traffic jams and accidents on Walking Street, particularly during peak hours. Taxis disrupt the flow by stopping in the middle of the road for pickups or drop-offs, inconveniencing other vehicles. Additionally, they exploit tourists by charging excessive fares or refusing to use meters.

Residents are urging immediate action from authorities to regulate taxi operations on Walking Street and enforce road law and order. They assert that the current situation tarnishes Pattaya’s reputation and safety and needs swift resolution. “We want to enjoy our city, not live in fear of the taxis,” they emphasized.


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