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Taco Bell fires worker who didn’t take order saying ‘I don’t speak English’

First a Taco Bell employee was lost in translation as she was explaining to a woman that she doesn’t understand her ordering in English, now she lost her job. The customer complained the incident was racist as she’s black.

“No hablo ingles,”(I don’t speak English) says a drive-through worker in a video posted by Alexandria Montgomery this week that went viral.

The customer’s indignation over the failure to order some Mexican food seemed to fall on not understanding ears. Two more workers of this Hialeah, Florida restaurant showed up in the window as the squabble continued, but they did not take the order. The first worker gestured to Montgomery that she was holding the line and shut the window.

Mongomery said on Facebook that Taco Bell in Hialeah is racist, claiming the employee understood what she was saying, but refused the service because she didn’t speak English.

Since the video has gone viral, Taco Bell said that “the individual no longer works for the brand,” according to CBS Miami.

Almost 90 percent of residents in Hialeah, located northwest of Miami, speak Spanish as their first or second language.

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