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Suspected Grambling Boss’s Lamborghini impounded

lambo aventor imponded

The police received an unique Lamborghini supercar on Friday that belonged to Chaiwat Kajonboonthavorn, who is suspected of operating illicit online gambling.

The attorney, Phisit Chutipornphongchai, promised that Chaiwat will surrender to authorities on Thursday (February 16).

The 38-year-old Chaiwat was suspected of being one of the four suspects reportedly connected to the Macao 888 online gambling website. Chaiwat is popularly known by his car dealership nick tag “Benz Daemon.”

The actress Arisara “Due” Thongborisut recently accused Chaiwat, the eldest of four brothers, of running an internet gambling company in a Facebook post. She made a suggestion in her post that all of the brothers have nicknames that begin with “B”.

Police seize a rare supercar belonged to a businessman who was charged by an actress.

Phisit claimed that Chaiwat had given him the go-ahead to hand over the car to the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB) in order to aid their inquiries. Additionally, according to the lawyer, Chaiwat had made it plain that he had no intention of running away and would surrender on February 16.

Phisit continued by saying that Chaiwat decided not to respond to the actress’s claim that he allegedly physically mistreated her.

Police seize a rare supercar belonged to a businessman who was charged by an actress.

Only 50 of Chaiwat’s Lamborghini Mad Bull Liberty Walk Aventador V2s were produced as a special limited edition, and this one is the only one in Thailand. The CCIB police searched Chaiwat’s storage in Bangkok earlier this week and discovered a number of luxury and race automobiles, including the one with an estimated price tag of over 40 million baht.

Phisit stated that Chaiwat had always been the owner of the unique car, which had been registered in his name ever since it was bought.

The Democrat Party declared on Friday that Chaiwat’s brother, Ekachai “Boss” Kajonboonthavorn, who the actress also claimed to have ties to internet gambling, had quit the party.

The Democrat Party, a component of the government coalition, asserted that the party does not take financial support from people engaged in illicit companies and that it has a clear policy of not endorsing any unlawful activity, including internet gambling.

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