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Suspect tells all on Failed Escape Attempt

Suspect tells all on Failed Escape Attempt

A suspect admitted helping Chaowalit Thongduang, also referred to as Sia Paeng, during his first failed two-night escape attempt. Suthiwat (surname withheld), also known as Worm, made his confession in front of police officer Natsavut Thongthip and his investigative team at Mueang Nakhon Si Thammarat Police Station.

Higher-ranking authorities arrived with a huge wire cutter, which they gave to police officer Jorinsin Khaoeiem as evidence for the case, before they were escorted to the police station. On the evening of October 20, Chaowalit and his group are suspected of using the cutter to cut through a perimeter wire. But their attempt was unsuccessful until the following day, when one of the staff members changed the wire, making it easier for Chaowalit to flee.

It’s important to note that this piece of evidence was only given to the investigating officers 10 days after the incident, and that every stage of the transfer was documented for future use.
As he was shackled and led to his car, pointing out the first place he had tried to wait for Chaowalit the first night but failed, Suthiwat appeared a lot more at ease than he had the day before. After that, the group withdrew to a resort in the Phra Phrom district’s Tha Sai Phao, roughly ten kilometers from Maharat Nakhon Si Thammarat Hospital.
Then he indicated the second place he had spent the evening of October 21 waiting for Chaowalit. Here, Chaowalit climbed into his black vehicle with his wife and their four-month-old daughter. Chaowalit pulled out a gun as soon as he got inside the car, and they drove off, followed by two more automobiles driven by Jakree, also known as Big, and Jeerawut, also known as Poy.

When they came to a stop at the Channel 11 Nakhon Si Thammarat station, Chaowalit exited his vehicle and boarded Jeerawut’s to lead the way to the province of Phatthalung. When they arrived at Banthat Mountain, they turned around and headed back home. According to Sanook, Jeerawut later took the automobile that was utilized that day to a secret place.

Talk conference

Suthiwat disclosed that Jakree was the one coordinating with him. In a conference call, Chaowalit asked for assistance since he was familiar with the route and needed it to get from Maharat Nakhon Si Thammarat Hospital to Phatthalung.
Jakree was the coordinator throughout. Suthiwat emphasized that they could not refuse, even though they had no intention of helping the escape. They said that they are prepared to work closely with the officers and expressed doubt about Chaowalit’s chances of success.


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