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Super Poll reveals most support the big protest on Sept 19

Super Poll

Super Poll Thailand has carried out quantitative Research and Qualitative Research revealing that most citizens of Thailand support the big protest on 19 September 2020. Asst.Prof.Dr.Noppadon Kannika from the Super Poll Educational Research Center revealed the new research topic “Winning on the remains of what is lost” in Thai. The poll was carried out on 10-17 September 2020 with 2,145 participants based on questions relating to the big protest on the 19th. A big part of the participants at 82.9% support the demands of the protest including the demand for a constitutional amendment and to stop harassing the people. While the number of those who do not support the protest stands at 17.1%. 

A number of participants, 81% state that the conflict between those who support and those who are against the protest on 19 September will result in violence. While 19% state that they believe there will be no violence. A very big number, 94.1% state that Thailand’s future after unnecessary violence remains the same as what has happened in the past. This is a picture filled with loss, a repeat of old movies. A small number 5.9% state that they believe in a different result, one that is beneficial to the nation. 

When asked who will lose, 71.9% state that the nation is the loser, the economy will fall even further. 81.2% state that the people are the losers. 6.7% state that only a handful of people will benefit from all of this. 3.2% state that everyone loses and there are no winners in this game. Looking to the other side only 17% support the protest entering the roads but 83% are against taking the protest to the roads. The interesting part is that 90.4% believe that peaceful democracy should end in the parliament where representatives of the people are. 9.6% believe that it ends with protests on the roads.  

Credit: Khaosod
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