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Kindling: Seminal sexpat blogger Stickman Bangkok packs it in after two decades

Kindling: Seminal sexpat blogger Stickman Bangkok packs it in after two decades

In a sad and surprising post, Stick, the blogger behind one of Bangkok’s oldest expat blogs, Stickman Bangkok, announced that he’s packing it in and calling it a day after writing about Bangkok’s naughty nightlife scene and publishing glamour photos of bar girls for 19 years.

Many of the city’s expats (or, c’mon, sexpats) will feel a bit lost without his weekly updates about girly bar gossip and photos to peruse over their morning Nescafe (or, let’s face it, beer).

The blogger, a man from New Zealand named Nick who keeps his identity semi-concealed and boasts legions of farang male fans, moved back to New Zealand a few years ago after selling his site to an investor. He remained the site’s main paid blogger, using his network of bar bosses, regulars, and naughty nightlife insiders to get up-to-the-minute info about the the city’s go-go bars and underbelly news.

It worked well enough. It was hard to tell he wasn’t out trolling Soi Cowboy, Nana, and Pattaya’s Walking Street himself to dig up the site’s info. But, on Sunday, he wrote that the person he sold the site to can no longer pay him so he’s quitting.

Reporting on news from bars with names like Spanky’s and The Dollhouse, he’s been an integral part of the Bangkok blog scene for many years and the place where Nana regulars and annual visitors turn for news and updates about their favorite nightlife spots.

To set one confusing record straight, Stickman Bangkok and Stickboy Bangkok are separate and completely different sites with separate owners/writers that cover similar topics.

Stickboy is a flashier, more modern site launched in 2014 reporting on viral news as well as breaking features such as this one on 32 pics of Asian tush.

Stickboy, a blogger named Mike, assured Coconuts that his site will endure, continuing to publish updates about giant jugs and fabulous funbags. Seriously, Stickboy knows more euphemistic terms for breasts than anyone in the business. We’re glad he’s sticking around to impart this wisdom to the younger generation of cone connoisseurs.

Stickman told Coconuts that, while he’s had many happy memories of his years reporting on the city’s mammaries, he has no plans to continue with a new column or to return to life in Bangkok.

About the end of his writing career on Bangkok’s late nights, he said, “The main feeling is one of relief. Sundays came around fast and there was always pressure to cover all the bar industry news and gossip and get everything verified by trusted sources. And there was the pressure to entertain. Some weeks little happens and you just don’t have much to say, but you still have to publish. Readers aren’t shy to let you know if they like what you’ve produced or not, so it’s about engaging them, entertaining them, and making sure they feel that tuning in was both worthwhile and they will do so again the following week.

“It was not always easy to write about a place or life in a place with passion when I was 10,000 kilometers away.”

For those looking for reporting similar to that of Stickman, he suggests checking out the site Bangkok Eyes.

Truly the end of an era.

Source: Thai Visa

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