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Spanish Tennis Player Aaron Cortes Banned Until 2039 for Corruption

Spanish tennis player Aaron Corte

Spanish tennis player Aaron Cortes has been banned from the sport until 2039 after admitting to 35 corruption charges, including match-fixing and betting on tennis matches.

The International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA) announced the ban, revealing that Cortes, 29, manipulated match outcomes for financial gain, engaged in betting on tennis matches, failed to report corrupt approaches, and even provided money to tournament officials in exchange for receiving wildcards.

Cortes, who reached a career-high singles ranking of 955, was found guilty of multiple offenses that occurred between 2016 and 2018. The ITIA, which is responsible for safeguarding the integrity of professional tennis worldwide, conducted a thorough investigation into Cortes’s activities.

As a result of his actions, Cortes has been handed a 15-year ban from the sport and fined $75,000, with $56,250 of the fine suspended. This significant penalty reflects the seriousness of the corruption charges and serves as a warning to other players involved in similar activities.

Despite the severity of his ban, Cortes cooperated fully with the ITIA investigation and accepted the imposed sanction. Under the terms of his ban, he is prohibited from participating in any tennis events authorized or sanctioned by major tennis associations, including the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), International Tennis Federation (ITF), Women’s Tennis Association (WTA), or any national association.

The case of Aaron Cortes highlights the ongoing efforts of tennis authorities to combat corruption within the sport. By enforcing strict penalties and maintaining vigilant oversight, organizations like the ITIA aim to preserve the integrity and fairness of professional tennis competitions.

Moving forward, it is essential for players, coaches, officials, and fans to remain vigilant against corruption and uphold the principles of honesty and sportsmanship in tennis. The ban imposed on Aaron Cortes serves as a reminder of the consequences of engaging in unethical behavior and underscores the importance of maintaining the integrity of tennis at all levels.


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