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Sons of Anarchy star William Lucking dead at 80

SONS of Anarchy star William Lucking has died age 80.

The star died on October 18 at his home in Las Vegas, his wife announced in an obituary.

William Lucking has passed away
William Lucking has passed away
The star was an actor in a number of series
The star was an actor in a number of series

Sigrid Insull Lucking wrote: “Although William often played toughs and strongmen, in his actual life he was an elegant man with a brilliant intellect who loved to argue about politics and current affairs, discuss philosophy and physics and assert fine-pointed opinions about art and poetry.”

The star was best known for his role in Sons of Anarchy as biker Piney Winston – where he appeared in 35 episodes.

He began his role from when the series started in 2008 until the fourth season in 2011.

He also starred in NBC’s The A-Team from 1983 to 1984 as Army Col. Lynch and appeared in three episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

The star made his on-screen debut back in 1968 in an episode of Ironside, before going on to appear on Mission: Impossible, The Partridge Family, The X-Files and The West Wing.

Fellow actor and close friend Stephen Macht dubbed Bill as “truly a ‘lion’,” adding that “his memory will always be a blessing.”

Remembering when he first met the star, on the set of series Big Hawaii, Macht wrote: “I asked him, Why did you become an actor!?’

“Bill’s answer, ‘Some a**hole clapped!’ Bill transcended all the trappings of the ‘biz and reached a rare, splendid, powerful art of acting and will forever live in my memory.”

The actor is survived by his wife and two daughters, Marjet Lucking and Juliana Ryan.

In the obituary, the family requested that “you toast his memory and celebrate his legacy.”

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