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Songkran 2017 Video Competion

Competition heating up in our Songkran 2017 video contest.

Just a quick reminder to all you water warriors out there, you only have a few more days to submit your best Songkran 2017 videos.

Thank you so much to all the entries so far, some hilarious shots and it’s not going to be easy picking some winners. We obviously got a few entries that are, shall we say…..x-rated, which we would love to show but for obvious reasons will be keeping in office only.

Not only do we have some fantastic prizes to give away to the lucky winners, including tickets for local attractions, t shirts, sporting equipment and of course, cold hard cash, but the lucky winners will also feature in a unique Songkran 2017 TV show to be broadcast on all of our TV channels.

The show also goes out on our website, facebook and youtube platforms so be sure to check it out to see if you made the cut.

All entries can be sent to us on our facebook page, or by email

Keep them coming in guys!!


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Welcome to Kamilyah's Blog: Kurang Tidur Menyebabkan Kegemukan January 18, 2020 at 7:25 AM

Thats deninitely true what you have said. I agree with what you have stated. You made the points looks easy, thats what we all are expecting. Will be subscribing your feeds. do keep updating with such topics.


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