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Social Media Influencer Complains Coronavirus Is Affecting Her Travel Blogging

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The coronavirus has led to loads of countries to plunge into lockdown, causing many to lose their jobs and many more to stay indoors for several weeks.

It’s hitting us hard and it’s difficult to know when restrictions will be lifted and when life will return to normal.
Australia recently introduced a travel ban that barred people from going overseas; while Prime Minister Scott Morrison urged everyone to stay inside unless absolutely necessary.

That ban and that advice has hit one social media influencer hard.

A Sydney travel blogger told the Daily Telegraph that the new restrictions have resulted in loads of opportunities to be cancelled.

“I can’t tell you how much it’s impacting my work as a blogger,” she said to Confidential.

“In December last year, I went to Bali, Singapore and India, there I collaborated with a few big hotels and good restaurants.

“I was supposed to post all the pictures I have taken during my stay or visits this year, but I can’t really post them now since I can’t really promote travel at this time of crisis where travel is not at all safe.

She added that she was all booked and ready to go to Europe after securing several collaborations with hotels and restaurants, however that also seems like it won’t happen.

But the influencer isn’t alone in being affected by the outbreak of Covid-19.

Another has explained how her business of food blogging has taken a real hit because loads of restaurants are only doing takeaway.

The woman told Confidential: “Frankly I am a bit concerned. Even though restaurants and bars are still open across Sydney, I am very reluctant to venture out into these crowded places due to the possibility of contracting COVID-19.

“If there comes a time when restaurants are required to shut down, it will be quite difficult to create new content for my page since I am primarily restaurant focused unlike other bloggers who may create content at home.

However, influencer marketing managers predict the people who focus on make-up and beauty will do better than their travel counterparts during the pandemic because they will have loads of time on their hands to test products and learn new skills.

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