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This Simpsons Episode Is Set To Disappear Forever

This Simpsons Episode Is Set To Disappear Forever

The Leaving Neverland documentary, about two alleged victims of Michael Jackson, has definitely not gone unnoticed. So much so that the Simpsons episode to which Michael Jackson lent his voice has been removed from streaming platforms.


The Leaving Neverland documentary, broadcast in the UK and US in March, is not without its consequences. In their report, James Safechuck and Wade Robson claim to have been sexually assaulted and raped by Michael Jackson when they were 10 and 7 years old. They even gave chilling details about this period of their lives.

And these accusations, which are not the first of their kind against the singer, have had a huge impact even on… the Simpsons. According to the Wall Street Journal, the producers of the series have indeed decided to remove the episode from streaming platforms in which the king of pop lent his voice.

A common decision

‘This is clearly the only choice,’ said James L. Brooks, executive producer of the cult series. A decision was made after creator Matt Groening and producer Al Jean watched the documentary. ‘I am against burning books of all kinds, but this is our book and we have the right to remove a chapter,’ said James L. Brooks.

The episode in question (the premiere of season 3) is called Stark Raving Dad and first aired in 1991 (see video above). Homer is sent to a psychiatric facility and shares the room with a man who thinks he is Michael Jackson. The king of pop had lent his voice to the protagonist’s cellmate, but his name did not appear in the credits. He had preferred to take the pseudonym John Jay Smith.

It will still take several weeks before the episode is fully removed from all streaming platforms.

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