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See an illegal police checkpoint….call the police!

See an illegal police checkpoint….call the police!

A recent statement from the Chief of Police in Bangkok has urged the public to snitch on any illegal police checkpoints that they spot in and around the city.

The police have asked members of the public in Bangkok to report illegal checkpoints in the nation’s capital.

People are being asked to call either 1197 or 191 if anyone witnesses checkpoints hustling money out of motorists. It was reported by Tnews that those who report such incidences could be assured that anonymity would be guaranteed.

The request follows an order given by recently promoted police commissioner Charnthep Sesawech who ordered a stop to checkpoints around the nation’s capital several weeks ago, stating that they do little to improve the traffic conditions in Bangkok.

The only checkpoints currently permitted in the city are those that check for drink drivers, street racers and those which check vehicle emissions and noise levels.

The head of the traffic police Jiraphat Phumijit has instructed officers to be out and about on the streets and to try and improve the city’s traffic conditions by fining offenders for offenses such as illegal parking, running red lights, bikers with no helmets and vehicles traveling the wrong direction.

Time will only tell if the removal of checkpoints and a pro-active approach from officers will improve traffic around Thailand’s capital.

Source: Bangkok Post

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