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Security of Expat financial assets and passing on wealth without taxation.

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The 2 simple things you need to make progress as an Expat

As a marketing guy and long term expat, I ask 2 things of my client’s:

1. What is the emotion you are looking to develop? And this often comes back with puzzled looks, I tell them they are not selling sausages they are selling ‘contented tummies.’

2. How easy is your product to use, and how quickly can their target market understand what their product or service does for them?

Anyone who has tried to open a Crypto currency wallet recently will attest to how difficult this can be with downloading bank statements and Passport pages for KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance and why there are so many online wallets to choose from and why can’t you buy from a wallet?

it is all becoming somewhat convoluted for a middle aged expat with no human to turn to for help,  and it only takes a message to ask if you fancy coming for a swift pint for you to abandon the project and save it for later, and we all know what that means.

So when I heard from a financial guy in Bangkok about a new Wealth Management platform he is helping his clients to get on to I was quite impressed. A one simple product to manage and see your portfolio from one simple dashboard ticked all the boxes for me.

Simple boxes ticked like:

You can hold investments in different currencies with us. You can invest in any of their 11 currencies, hold cash and assets in multiple currencies, switch currency online, change the base currency of the platform at any time. Perfect for the internationally mobile investor.

You can hold a wide range of investments on this platform. Our open architecture platform allows investors to hold, funds, tradable assets such as equities and ETFs and structured notes. You can hold everything in one place, which means it’s easy to get a bird’s eye view of your wealth.

Your investments and monies are safeguarded by them in line with best global practice and the stringent rules and guidelines of the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority.

5 Reasons why is the Isle of Man so trusted?

  1. Financial Regulation – The Island is acknowledged to be one of the best regulated international financial centres, with the regulators working in harmony with the private sector
  2. Diverse Economy – The Island has a diverse economy which includes; banking, fiduciary services, manufacturing, shipping, yacht and aircraft management and e-Commerce
  3. Favourable Taxation – the Island sets its own direct taxes with low personal taxation and highly favourable corporate taxation
  4. Economic and Financial Infrastructure – The Island has an established and professional financial services sector including; banking, accounting, fiduciary, legal, insurance and investment companies
  5. Communications – World class telecommunications and air and sea transport to major hubs in the UK and Ireland

As part of IFGL which has 215,000 clients and GBP18.5 billion in asset around the world will tell you they are financially strong and established.

Their charges are transparent and extremely competitive. Its online technology increases efficiency and lowers the cost of managing a portfolio.

Last but not least; your wealth is passed down to any beneficiary you declare, including your Thai wife The Ardan Beneficiary Trust allows an individual to nominate beneficiaries to receive the proceeds  of their portfolio account after death via a trust.

It really is great to see a platform offered to expats that is not front loaded with costs and commissions, a platform that has transparent charges so you can manage effectively with no hidden slaps in the face with fees taken here and there, Multicurrency, all in one place and can  bequeath to whomever you choose when the time comes.

And above all so easy to use even an expat dodderer like me can manage it.

 To know more and have a coffee with another doddering expat who is actually quite good at finance: click here

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