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Scam exposes Hidden camera

scam exposes Hidden camera

Young transsexual and online sex worker “Lee,” 27 years old, boldly shared his story in an effort to warn others about the dangers he faced. Lee hopes that others would be discouraged from falling for a similar scam by relating his experience.
Lee, who makes extra money by chatting with international users of a smartphone app, offered a word of warning following a disturbing experience. He had met a foreigner on a dating app and they had arranged to spend the night together in a hotel.

When Lee first entered the hotel room, he noticed nothing unusual. Unbeknownst to him at first, hidden cameras were strategically positioned throughout the room and began recording as soon as clothes were removed. One was sticking out of an open bag, while the other was on top of the television stand. Lee, who was now visibly uneasy, retreated to a nearby sofa in an apparent attempt to escape being filmed. He tried to stop the foreigner from recording them together, but he was persistent.

Lee stressed that his goal was to provide for himself financially. He tried to avoid awkward situations with clients and hotel personnel by relaying his expectations to them in advance of meetings. To avoid any potential confrontations with his customers, Lee has shown reluctance to comply with certain requirements and has been secretive about his online job.
Lee used his phone to secretly record evidence of the concealed cameras so he could protect himself. For the sake of those who could find themselves in similar situations, he advises readers to exercise caution and put personal safety first. He understands the limits of the law in situations like his, but hopes to raise public awareness to prevent future abuses.

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