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Samurai Sword Cop

Samurai Sword Cop

A police officer stands accused of assaulting his wife with a samurai sword on May 31st after she uncovered his illicit affairs with multiple women.

The victim, identified as Karn, aged 37, turned to social media influencer Kantouch “Gun” Pongpaiboonwet for assistance after lodging a complaint against her husband at Phokaew Police Station in Nakhon Pathom. Despite her husband’s attempts to coerce her into dropping the case, Karn remains resolute in pursuing legal action, undeterred by the potential risks.

Karn disclosed that she served as a university professor at the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. Her husband, Pokpong, was once her student pursuing a master’s degree in 2014. They tied the knot in 2019 and welcomed a son, now five years old. In an interview with Channel 7 and other news outlets on June 6, Karn revealed that her husband’s behavior shifted in 2021. He seldom returned home and evaded her calls, citing work commitments.

After discreetly tracking her husband’s movements via GPS, Karn uncovered his rendezvous with another woman. Despite forgiving him, he persisted in his infidelity. Karn escalated the matter to her husband’s superior, triggering the violent altercation on May 31st.

The altercation ensued at their residence in Nakhon Pathom, during which her husband brandished his assortment of samurai swords. Two policemen, acquaintances of her husband, were present during the confrontation.

Amidst the dispute, Karn, incensed, seized a samurai sword and struck a nearby tree. In retaliation, her husband seized another sword and attempted to stab her. As she collapsed, he ruthlessly assaulted her head and inflicted cuts on her face and back with the sword before being restrained by his associates.

Karn sought refuge in her car, but her husband relentlessly pursued her, wielding his sword to strike the vehicle’s roof with force before resorting to a hammer to shatter the window.

Driven by desperation to flee the perilous situation, Karn hastily departed the scene, her sole concern being the safety of her child awaiting her at home. She sought aid from a security guard to ensure her child’s well-being before rushing to the hospital with the assistance of a rescue team.

Admitted to the hospital, Karn endured two harrowing days confined to the emergency room, with her elder sister assuming responsibility for her child during this tumultuous period.

This incident marks not the first instance of violence Karn has endured. Her husband subjected her to frequent abuse, yet she suffered in silence, solely motivated by her child’s welfare.

Karn also disclosed her husband’s repeated threats to end her life, exploiting his status as a police officer to evade repercussions for his actions.

Gun pledged to support Karn in expediting the progression of her complaint for her safety. However, as of now, Phokaew Police Station has yet to furnish any updates on the case.

Photo Channel 8 and Facebook/ ล้วงข่าว

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