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Russian tourist stung by Phuket jellyfish

Russian tourist stung by Phuket jellyfish

Phuket Jellyfish: A Russian tourist sustained a painful sting on her leg from a ‘fire jellyfish’ at Patong beach on Thursday.


Patong lifeguards are warning of jellyfish, known as the fire jellyfish, at Patong beach.

Fire jellyfish or Morbakka fenneri are found in tropical waters. This type of jellyfish is relatively larger than most with a 10cm length and 5cm diameter bell, distinguished by their pink colour. Their sting is painful but considered no worse than other jellyfish.

Patong lifeguards said: “We have provided first aid to the Russian tourist who refused to go to a hospital. If you are stung by one, pouring seawater or vinegar on the affected area can help relieve some of the pain. Please don’t use fresh water or scratch the sting.

“Many tourists sustain stings from fire jellyfish, but most are minor. If an allergic reaction to the sting is suspected, a doctor should be seen immediately.”

The only jellyfish known to sting around Phuket beaches are the Portuguese man o’ war (or bluebottle) and fire jellyfish. In both cases, the stings can be painful but rarely result in complications.

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