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Netflix’s Best New Show ‘Supacell’

Netflix’s Best New Show ‘Supacell’

It took me a week of watching an episode a day to finish Supacell, Netflix’s new superhero series that’s been earning high scores and impressive viewership numbers. The show is already hinting at a second season.

Although Supacell hasn’t reached #1 on Netflix’s charts, it has consistently held the #2-3 spots since its debut over a week ago. This is impressive for a lower-budget, lower-profile series, making it a sleeper hit.

The show’s scores are noteworthy. Despite fewer critics reviewing it compared to other shows, Supacell has maintained a perfect 100% rating with twelve reviews and has an 80% audience score. It’s rare for Netflix shows to retain a 100% rating; the last one to do so was Baby Reindeer, which eventually dropped to 98% but had more reviews and greater reach. Baby Reindeer, however, is more controversial and may face a lawsuit over its real-life story portrayal.

Supacell, created by Rapman—a rapper, record producer, director, and screenwriter—features a unique superhero story with an almost entirely black cast of heroes, a rarity in the genre.

Moving into spoiler territory, the show ends its six-episode run on a cliffhanger. Michael’s fiancée dies earlier than predicted, suggesting the future is changeable, and the rest of the group has family members kidnapped or threatened by a mysterious organization. We learn little about this organization, except that they collect people with powers and seem to want to extract or erase these abilities. The main villain, Krazy, is killed off by the group he worked for, so he likely won’t return in season 2. However, the corporate figures behind the scenes remain a mystery.

There’s no reason Supacell wouldn’t be greenlit for a second season. It has everything Netflix looks for: a relatively low budget due to non A-list but talented actors, limited VFX, high critic and audience scores, and solid viewership. It seems certain that a second season is coming, though official confirmation might take a few weeks to over a month after airing.

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