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Restaurant on Krathing Lai Beach under investigation after using buoys

Restaurant pattaya one march 26 2024

An investigation is underway concerning a beachside restaurant located on Krathing Lai Beach near Pattaya, which allegedly used buoys belonging to the public as seating for patrons.

Local journalists visited the restaurant on Soi Sukhumvit Pattaya 6 on March 23rd, 2024, following reports from concerned individuals. Upon inspection, they observed that the establishment was utilizing numerous plastic buoys, typically employed for swimming boundaries and sea barriers, as makeshift chairs for its customers.

The reporters noted that the buoys were in decent condition and were being provided to restaurant patrons as seating. Additionally, similar buoys were reportedly stored at a nearby rescue center and a facility responsible for beach coastline maintenance.

The actions of the restaurant have sparked public outcry, with calls from online users for official intervention due to the allegedly inappropriate use of public property for personal benefit. In response to the complaints, Mr. Manoch Nongyai, Deputy Mayor of Pattaya City, visited the restaurant for an inspection.

Mr. Manoch confirmed that the establishment had indeed utilized government property as chairs. He instructed the restaurant owners to return all misappropriated buoys to the municipality. While some buoys displayed signs of damage, many were deemed usable. Mr. Manoch emphasized that utilizing government property for personal gain is both improper and unlawful.


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