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Residents Complain about Motorcycle Rental Businesses

Residents Complain about Motorcycle Rental Businesses

Residents of Pattaya are raising concerns about motorcycle rental businesses monopolizing public parking spaces along Beach Road, causing inconvenience for tourists. On June 15th, 2024, affected residents reported to local media that these businesses are parking dozens of motorcycles on the side of Beach Road, making it difficult for tourists to find parking. Some motorcycles are even parked illegally, blocking traffic and hindering access to side streets.

Pol. Lt. Col. Panupong Nimsuwan, Pattaya Traffic Police Chief, stated that the police currently lack the authority to fine these businesses as they are using public parking spaces. Police action is limited to instances where motorcycles are parked in prohibited areas marked by white and red lines. Despite these limitations, Pattaya police regularly patrol the area and issue fines to violators. However, they cannot specifically target motorcycle rental businesses under the current legal framework of the Land Traffic Act of 2019, which delegates the regulation of parking on public roads to local governments.

There is positive news, though, as Pattaya is in the process of developing regulations specifically targeting motorcycle rental businesses. Once these regulations are officially issued, any operator who violates them will face fines and penalties similar to those imposed under normal traffic laws.

In the meantime, Pattaya police will deploy officers to help alleviate parking congestion for tourists. A motorcycle rental business owner, who wished to remain anonymous, suggested that there is ample parking available for tourists in nearby shopping malls. He explained that the abundance of rental motorcycles on Beach Road is due to the low season, resulting in fewer customers.

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