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Red Gem Case

A famous case from 29 years ago involved the theft of 2 large red gems worth 1,300 million baht by 4 businessmen who were friends and bought shares together. and prepared to resell to US businessmen but was betrayed by one of his partners. He cooperated with the police.

Organise the arrest and seize the gem before it disappears without a trace. 29 years ago, the Supreme Court ordered the Royal Thai Police to pay 157 million baht to the victims, but until now, I haven’t paid a single baht yet.

Retrace the Ploy Billion
Mr. Thanyapat, one of the partners who owns the gem, said that these two red gems are owned by four friends, consisting of him, Mr. Weerachat, Dr. Sawat (now deceased), and Mr. Ek Palakawong, who together spent about 100 million baht buying them from Myanmar. Keep it in a safe at Krung Thai Bank’s headquarters in the Nana area.

Later, there was a trading contract with a foreign businessman named Mr. William, who agreed to sell at a price of 52 million US dollars. The value of Thai money at that time was 25 baht per dollar, so the price of gems was 1,300 baht in Thai money.

Later, an appointment was made to pay all four people, so the gems were withdrawn from the bank. Then take a rest and wait at the Erawan Hotel. Waiting to deliver with Mr. William That night, there were 3 people who slept over at the hotel with Ploy. namely Mr. Veerachat, Mr. Ake, and Mr. Thanyapat

betrayal partner Create a drama, a big scene, the police raid, and arrest the thieves before stealing the gem and disappearing.

Mr. Ek, one of the partners Secretly going to plan with Pol. Col. Niyom (after being promoted to the rank of Pol. Gen. Niyom), who is a friend of Mr. Ek, creates a story, creating a situation. Ask someone to inform Mr. Ek to arrest him at Nakhon Phanom Police Station, which is in the area of Pol. Col. Niyom, for embezzling gems. When creating a story like this, make the gems nationalised, and make Mr. Ek the accused, leading to raids and arrests.

On the night that everyone slept in front of Ploy at the Erawan Hotel, Pol. Col. Niyom brought a total of six police officers to the hotel, fully armed. He said he came to arrest Mr. Ek according to the arrest warrant and pressed all 3 people on the floor. Mr. Ek told the police that Ploy was in the safe.

The police then took Ploy and Mr. Ek to escape from the hotel. The police said that the rest of the people would meet at the Lumpini Police Station, but in the end, the arresting police did not go to the Lumpini Police Station. He said that Ploy was taken to Nakhon Phanom Police Station because the case was there.

After following him to Lumpini Police Station, he could not find Ploy. All victims Hurry and fly to Nakhon Phanom. in order to track and retrieve the gems, but the police said the sorrower has compromised with the defendant, Mr. Ek. And the police have already returned the central gem.

After that, Ploy disappeared without a trace. causing the rest of the partners to suffer heavily by borrowing money to invest in gems Finally, the gem disappeared. Each of them had to become bankrupt because of this event.

The Supreme Court ordered the Royal Thai Police to pay 157 million baht.
After fighting the case for more than 27 years, the Supreme Court decided to hear the case to its conclusion. They won the case.

The court ordered all defendants to jointly compensate for damages totaling more than 157 million baht since August 18, 2021, with the first defendant dead and the third defendant sick in bed, remaining the defendants. The last one is the National Police Agency. This amount of damage must be paid within 30 days or within 45 days.

Later, there was a meeting with the Royal Thai Police. to agree on this matter One of the policemen present at the meeting said he was ready to pay 5 percent of the total damages immediately. but if he had paid, his property would have been confiscated by the Legal Execution Department. but big money, which the National Police Agency still refuses to pay.

This is the National Police Agency. send the matter to the Prime Minister about what happened. The Prime Minister ordered the Royal Thai Police to negotiate with the victims. and proceed to pay, for which he really came to bargain. The victim agreed to reduce the debt by 4 million baht, but after that it was silent.

The senior prosecutor still has to pay. Have to pay public taxes
While Mr. Poramate Intarachum, senior prosecutor of the Office of Investigation, views that this matter arises when the court orders the Royal Thai Police, which is a co-defendant, to pay How much does the National Police Agency have to pay? must bring money from the Office of the National Budget to pay because he cannot seize assets from the Royal Thai Police.

Then the police gradually pursued money from the other 2 defendants, not the victim. This story cannot be distorted and cannot be bought.

This matter does not have to be reported to any agency. can file a petition with the court to summon the Commissioner of Police to explain why they did not pay when a court order has been issued, or if you want to throw it at the Bureau of the Budget, you have to go to the director of the Bureau of the Budget to clarify.

As for the money that must be paid to the victim, it must come from the state budget, funded by public taxes. In this matter, the state must go and chase Bie to find the wrong person to be responsible. to pay back the capita

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