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Practice today, Full closure comes tomorrow

Full closure

Starting today, they will be a practice of closing Pattaya in order t for things to run a little smoothing tomorrow when Pattaya starts its lock-down.

As we have published before, Thursday will be the start of another lock-down phase as the last one didn’t quite go to plan.

After 2:00 pm tomorrow the actual closer will start and will be lasting for about 3 weeks or until the situation starts to improve.

Pattaya has been seen as a high-risk area and a zone that can have more infection than other places.

So from today at 3:00 pm till 6:00 pm, the city will start its practice lap to implement fully on Thursday.

Roughly one week ago various hotel associations of Pattaya gathered information on the total number of tourists, domestic and foreign, still in the city and discovered about 2,800 people remained.

This is considered a “high risk” group as many recently arrived and will need further random screening and testing to determine overall risk.

Testing has already started at the Grand Bella Hotel in Pattaya with the aim to screen up to 200 people a day that is a mixture of volunteers and people that have been chosen from groups that are deemed as high risk. So far, none of the people tested so far has tested positive for the virus.

By slowing or stopping access to Pattaya, Government officials believe that this will slow the spread of the virus and limit greater exposer to the public.

To pass the checkpoints and enter Pattaya City proper a Thai resident must have their Thai ID Card. It is suggested that this be blown up to an A-4 Size to make the process easier for both the resident and the officials, if possible.

A foreigner must have their original passport and any other documents that they deem relevant.

If a person is renting an apartment or house in Pattaya and needs entry they must have a copy of the ID card of their landlord, as well as a telephone number to reach them. This includes foreigners. They should also have a letter from the landlord confirming that the person named is a tenant.

Only those with essential business will be allowed to enter the city. If one is working they must fill out the following form in English and have a copy of their work permit available as well. Their employer should also be involved in this process. For those with a medical appointment, confirmation of the appointment is enough. An English link is here for the work-related entry certificate:

There will be several lanes at each checkpoint, one designed for fast access for those with approved paperwork, one for delivery drivers, specifically food delivery motorbike drivers, one for those who only wish to continue down the highway and not enter Pattaya proper and one for detailed examination for those who wish to enter the city.

It is still expected that there may be traffic delays and residents are urged that unless your trip is critically essential to avoid entering Pattaya City during the period of closure and stay home.

This information is subject to change, as it is still being fine tuned by the city, especially after tomorrow afternoon’s test run.

The forms needed to pass through the checkpoints can be picked up at the checkpoints or at Pattaya City Hall.

You can also download them in English and Thai. See below:

English language Form

Thai language Form


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