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Power lines blow down onto car during storm

Power lines

This is a story from May, but I had to post it as it is amazing to see

This is the heart-stopping moment a driver narrowly avoided being electrocuted after a tropical storm blew power lines onto the road a few yards in front of him.

Anon Si Phanom was travelling home through the heavy rain and wind in Lopburi, central Thailand,  (May 7) when the accident happened.

Dashcam footage from the delivery driver’s car shows how the tall wooden posts slowly started tipping over.

They crashed onto the tarmac in a blinding ball of sparks as they high-voltage power lines exploded on the wet ground.

Cables and debris from the disaster were strewn across the highway but Anon carefully weaved between them before turning left onto a dirt track to escape the carnage.

An oncoming motorcycle rider on the opposite side of the road can be seen parking his back and running into a field to stay clear of the wires.

Reflecting on the near miss, Anon said today it was ”pure luck” that he had been only a few yards from the spot where the power lines fell.

”If they had landed on my car I would have been electrocuted,” he said.

”I stayed calm at the time but when I think watch the video, it’s very lucky that nobody was seriously hurt.”

Tropical storms have been sweeping Thailand for the last few weeks as the country enters its scorching summer season with temperatures reaching 40C on the day the power lines blew down.

The torrential weather wreaks havoc with the country’s ageing infrastructure.

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