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Pattaya police raids nightclub and nothing found

At one in the morning on June 16th, Pattaya Police conducted yet another bar inspection, this time with a focus on drug users and international overstayers. But they discovered nothing wrong.

To undertake a daily inspection of the nightclubs in the Pattaya region, Pol. Col. Thanapong Phothi, the chief of the Pattaya Police, gathered more than 50 law enforcement officials late at night. According to Pol. Col. Thanapong, the main goals of this operation were to ensure that all foreign tourists had valid visas and that clients of nightclubs were drug-free.

On Pattaya Third Road, the cops raided a busy club called Ying. Before administering a urine test, they separated people depending on their nationality and gender and verified their ID cards and passports. Nothing illicit was discovered, according to Pol. Col. Thanapong. Even though they searched customers’ cars for illicit weapons or drugs, nothing was discovered.

However, Pattaya Police conducted a similar operation yesterday at a different location and discovered three drug users among the patrons. The suspects would be taken to a rehabilitation facility, according to the police.

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