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First conversation between UK divers and stranded youths

The Thai Navy SEAL Facebook page has released a clip of the first encounter between two UK divers and the 12 footballers and their coach trapped in the Tham Luang cave.


Following is the transcript of the conversation as released on the Facebook page:

Diver: Raise your hands.

Boy: Thank you [crying].

Diver: How many of you?

Boy: Thirteen.

Diver: Thirteen?

Boy: Yeah, yeah.

Diver: Brilliant.

Boy: [Voice difficult to be heard]

Diver: No, not today. Just two of us. We have to dive.

We are coming. It’s OK. Many people are coming. Many, many people. We are the first. Many people come.

Boy: What day?

Diver 1: Tomorrow.

Diver 2: No, no, no, what day is it?

Diver: Monday. OK, but one week … uh, Monday. You have been here for 10 days. You are very strong.

Boy: [Speaking in Thai]: Who know English, translate for us.

Boy 2: [Speaking in Thai]: Can’t catch up with the words.

Diver: We’ll come.

Boy: We are hungry.

Diver: I know, I know. I understand. We’ll come.

Boy 1: [In Thai]: They will take our photos first.

Boy 2: [In Thai]: Tell them we are hungry.

Boy1: I’ve told them. They know.

Boy: What day you come to help me?

Diver: We come here, we have been diving here for what … Tomorrow, we’ll help tomorrow. The Navy, Navy SEAL tomorrow. With the food, the doctor and …

Today, a light? You have a light. We’ll give you more light.

[Sound of somebody falling into water]

Boy: Come up. Brother, rush up.

Diver: That looks fun.

Boy: I am very happy.

Diver: We are happy too.

Boy: Thank you so much.

Diver: OK

Boy: Where you come from?

Diver: England, UK.

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