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Police Filmed Staging Public Re-Enactment Of Couple Having Sex Outside

Filmed Staging

Thai police officers have posed for an unusual photoshoot as they re-enacted a couple who filmed themselves having sex in public.

X-rated footage emerged at the weekend of a Western man and a Thai woman romping against a tree by the tennis courts at the prestigious Kasetsart University in Bangkok.

More videos, of the same couple, are alleged to show them having sex next to a motorway, before going on to strip in a lift an apartment hallway.

Unsurprisingly, disgruntled locals complained about the pornographic clips, which prompted police to begin a manhunt, searching for the pair who are accused of breaking the country’s indecency laws.

So, in an unusual bid to jog people’s memories, the uniformed police officers posed in the position of the offenders in quite possibly the most bizarre crime reenactment I’ve ever seen.

Police believe the group were making videos at the request of online customers, under the influence of foreign corruption.

According to Police Lieutenant Colonel Sarawut Butrdee, officers will look at the CCTV from the university in an attempt to identify the pair. He warned that the team would likely be out and about filming more clips in a bid to sell online after being ‘ordered by customers’.

The police chief added:

The video that has been spreading on the internet shows the couple’s bodies, which makes it easier for us to find them.

Our investigation found that they had been filming several scenes of outdoor sex and posting them on an adult video website for money.

This behaviour is illegal and immoral. Publishing it breaks the Computer Crime Act against publishing obscenity into the public domain.

Anyone caught performing such X-rated acts in public could face a maximum fine of up to £120.

Laws surrounding cyber-crime in Thailand are rather broad, meaning they can be applied to anything involving a computer that authorities believe to be illegal, which means punishments can include fines and jail sentences.

Therefore, the very fact these videos are being uploaded to the internet using a computer, means they would also fall under the category of cyber-crime.

Now, I have absolutely no idea how the police force thinks their own little photoshoot will help track down the culprits, but hey, who am I to question their methods?

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