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Police Crack Down on Bars Opening Beyond Hours

Police Crack Down on Bars Opening Beyond Hours

Police conducted a raid on four bars around the city after receiving complaints that these venues were allegedly operating beyond legal hours. The raid targeted four locations on Soi Kho Phai, South Pattaya Road, and Pattaya Third Road. Authorities discovered that one of the venues, a host bar, was not only open past legal hours but also operating and selling alcohol without proper licenses. Additionally, some of the raided venues were found selling kratom-infused beverages without a license.

Pattaya police have filed charges against these establishments and are seeking orders to permanently close those that repeatedly broke the law. However, police did not disclose the names of the establishments or individuals involved, citing ongoing legal action.

Legal closing times in Pattaya vary depending on the location and the type of license held by the venue, generally ranging from midnight to 4 AM.

Pattaya police stated they will continue to monitor bar establishments and entertainment venues to ensure compliance with all Thai laws.

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