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Police are launching a major anti-crime investigation against Foreign criminals and fugitives

In a significant anti-crime operation in Pattaya that targeted foreigners especially, foreigners of various nationalities were detained. A press conference was conducted by Pattaya police on Thursday, July 6 to discuss the detention of foreign suspects in five high-profile crime cases in Thailand.In the first case, the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) issued a warrant on September 28th, 2018, ordering the arrest of the Swiss suspect, who has only been identified as Mr. Jonothan, 31, age 31.

While attempting to flee to Vietnam, he was apprehended at the immigration checkpoint at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand’s Samut Prakan province. Given that he is said to have been involved in numerous drug trafficking instances, Jonathan is regarded as a high-profile cross-border criminal.He is accused of smuggling in over 2,000 drug tablets in late 2016 after buying them from an African guy living in Thailand and selling them to consumers in Zurich, Switzerland. Following this, Jonothan received a red notice from the Swiss Federal Police and INTERPOL, who then forwarded the matter to the Royal Thai Police Office, resulting in his arrest at the airport. The process of extraditing him to Switzerland is ongoing.

In the second instance, Swedish national Mr. Stefan, 45, was detained at his Pattaya home. This came about as a result of an alliance between the Royal Thai Police and the Nordic Police’s International Liaison Office, who asked for aid in looking into, locating, and capturing Mr. Stefan.

The Swedish courts and the European Union have both issued arrest orders for him in connection with allegations of copyright infringement. Mr. Stefan had run away from the situation in Sweden and sought safety in Thailand. According to Swedish Courts, one of the crimes he committed involved engaging in the unlicensed broadcast of copyrighted television signals in Sweden.

Three businesses suffered serious financial losses as a result of the actions. Additionally, without the consent of the impacted companies, the illegally obtained broadcasts were made available to the public on a number of platforms like YouTube and Facebook, infringing on the rights of the parties concerned. The immigration officials were successful in apprehending and arresting Mr. Stefan.

In the third instance, authorities detained a group of Korean nationals, which included:

Mr. Chun, 39 Mr. Kim, 40 Mr. Beck, 28 Mr. Choi, 32 Mr. Jung, 25

The results of the immigration authorities’ investigations showed that all South Korean nationals were operating illegally in the Kingdom without work authorization. They secretly established a tour business inside an opulent Pattaya home and launched a website that allowed South Korean tourists to schedule tours only there.

The tourists were given all-inclusive travel packages within Thailand by the five accused, which included lodging. Additionally, they only took the tourists to Korean-owned businesses that were connected to them.

All of the South Korean suspects were subsequently taken into custody. Police had them in custody.

at the fourth instance, police from the Chonburi Immigration Office detained Mr. Zhang, a 41-year-old Chinese national, at Soi 18 Naklua in Pattaya on suspicion of overstaying his visa. They worked together with the Tourist Police and Interpol to make the arrest.

Mr. Zhang’s illegal presence in Thailand for more than five years was found out to be. He entered Thailand on May 26th, 2015, and was given permission to stay until July 29th, 2018, according to a police interrogation.

However, Mr. Zhang refused to inform the authorities when his visa had run out, so he stayed in the nation unlawfully for a total of 2,160 days. Mr. Zhang indicated that the reason for his extended stay was a pending asset-related lawsuit in China, and he was afraid of incurring legal repercussions if he were to go back. He had been seeking safety in Thailand as a result. He was going through legal procedures.

In the most recent incident, police from Police Region 2 and the Office of the Tourist Police detained over 17 Vietnamese citizens for operating an internet gambling website.

A Chinese businessman apparently provided funding for the website. 12 laptops, as well as tools for creating fake passports and rubber stamps for entry/exit visas for the Samut Prakan Immigration Office and nations including Myanmar and Cambodia, were seized by the police.

Additionally, the cops found a number of untaxed international cigarettes. As a result, authorities detained everyone who was involved. The Bang Phli Police Station received the seized evidence for further investigation.

The 17 Vietnamese suspects were accused of operating a gaming website and crimes involving making fake passports. Given that Thai police have aggressively fought fights against international criminal companies inside the Kingdom, this is one of the largest anti-crime operations in and around Pattaya.


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