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Photo proof wildlife park is getting it right

Recently released “camera trap” photos of guar and elephants testify to the abundance of wildlife in Namnao National Park, which straddles Phetchabun and Chaiyaphum provinces, and its managers credit the park’s rangers for protecting the animals.


Park chief Uthai Chansuk said the animals tripped the shutters on the cameras set up by a saltlick in the forest.

The black-and-white night-vision images taken in June of guar and elephants and their calves demonstrated the forest’s ability to support the wildlife population, he said.

Reassuring viewers concerned that the pictures would attract poachers to the park, Uthai said the still images and videos enabled officials to improve protective measures.

One such measure was “smart patrols” by the rangers, in which data on the animals’ behaviour were collected using Geographic Information System (GIS) technology for accurate mapping and management.
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