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Would you pay 15,000 baht for a pineapple?

Would you pay 15,000 baht for a pineapple?

Pineapples known as Phuket’s best will soon become ripe and pre-orders for their sale are now being accepted.

The sweet cylinders, known as the “Queen of Andaman Fruit,” carry the hard to swallow price of THB15,430 (about US$474) each for one of nine perfect specimens grown this year. There were a total of just 109 pineapples in this crop of special Phuket varietals.

The other 100, which are not quite as perfect as the top nine, will be sold for prices starting at THB 1,543 (US$47). It is estimated that the sale of the special pineapples will bring income of around THB 300,000 (US$9,210).

Thursday’s event, Gov. Norraphat Plodthong said, “Over the years, the amount of agricultural land on Phuket has decreased dramatically leading to an increase in the prices of agricultural products.”  “This is especially the case for Phuket pineapples which are called the ‘Queen of Andaman Fruit.’

Phuket pineapples are unique due to their large cylinder shape, deep eyes, sweetness, crispness, vibrant yellow color, and unique scent,” Gov. Norraphat explained.

“Furthermore, Phuket pineapples must be free of pesticides meaning they are an organic product,” he added. Phuket does this pineapple sale each year and the fruits have special value because so few are grown on the island.

This year, the sale is getting special attention since Gov. Norraphat opened an organic pineapple farm on the Governor’s House compound.

The objective of the fair is to inspire agriculturists to grow original Phuket pineapples as there is now only 2,200 rai of land (869 acres) dedicated to growing this unique product.

Locals who buy these pricy pineapples may not even eat them — they are most often used for worship during Chinese New Year with the belief that they will bring a family good luck.  Source: Coconuts Bangkok


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