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Pattaya video’s shows the impact of covid

As you can see from the video’s sent in by the public the two destinations that they filmed were Harbour Mall and Soi Buakhao market these of course we all know .

Some places of course are trying to stay open ,in our next report we will visit a few

The big party city that was once PATTAYA hopefully will return in the future but as the dates keep moving nobody knows when this will start, of course we have March opening April opening June 1st opening today we learned that it could be as long as October.

When we sit in our house is thinking about the virus that is being and still is and the impact it’s had on human life it’s very hard to comprehend how it is affected so many people, people that once had family businesses small businesses or just a man on the street selling the kebab or just dresses and shoes, but now going home or sleeping on the streets begging for food.

Let’s hope the city can turn back to normal soon June 1st or October let’s see what happens, but we need to get back to being positive we need to get back to where we were before the city of fun ,it may be a long time coming back but it will be back.

If you believe the virus fantasy or reality whatever you believe it’s here let’s just hope it goes away ,we at Pattaya One over the years a filmed so many restaurants so many people and had so many good times .

We really miss it my heart goes out to everybody in Thailand, let’s hope at the good times return.

I’m sure people will treat each other differently after this is over

If you have a video please send it to us at the email on the site thank you guys stay safe

credit LG /Sam

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