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Pattaya tour guide hits tourist over the head with chair

Police are looking for a guide of mixed Indian and Thai heritage after he hit an Indian over the head with a chair at a pub in North Pattaya this morning.

The victim was 35-year-old Anand Soni. He told Pattaya police that he is a tour operator who had brought 32 of his countrymen over from India to visit Thailand and Pattaya.

He said he had hired the services of a guide who had mixed Thai and Indian parentage.

Anand paid 5,000 baht to an Indian pub in the golf driving range soi for services rendered.

After this, the guide asked for 2,000 baht “tea money”. Anand refused.

The guide hit him over the head with a chair and fled the scene.

Anand’s customers took him to the hospital then the police



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