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Where are the Police? Injured tourists complain

Where are the Police? Injured tourists complain

With police supposed to be stepping up their duties during the busy Songkran period, we were amazed to find some injured tourists complaining that they were struggling to find any.

Earlier on, a top ranking policeman had been visiting Pattaya, assuring tourists of their support and protection during the festive period. As soon as he left, however, many of the police posts which were being manned during his visit were left deserted.

Trouble broke out in South Pattaya on Sunday night, with a handful of tourists being attacked by a gang of Thai youths who were said to be highly intoxicated. Several injuries were suffered including some to the head. Paramedics arrived onto the scene to treat the victims for their injuries, but amazingly, the police were no where to be seen.

It was earlier on in the afternoon that day that Region 2 commander Sarawut Tansakun had made his way into Pattaya to inspect the performance of his men in the area, with the focus supposedly being on helping any foreigners in trouble.

As you can imagine, all were present during the commander’s, but unfortunately, it was a very different scenario from what we expected later on in the day. Thousands of both Thai and foreigners were celebrating in the specifically designed area’s, but inevitably when alcohol is involved, scenes turned ugly.




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