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Phone Tips

Pattaya Expats Club – Phone Tips

TELEPHONE TIPS (updated January 2020)

NEWS – Pattaya local telephone numbers – Emergency & Utilities.

AIS (one-2-call) won the re-auction of a 10MHz bandwidth in the 900MHz spectrum, at a price of 75.654 billion baht. There were no other bidders.
AIS obtained its 4G license before its 2G license expired (June 2016).

Currently, there are 102.9 million mobile phone numbers in the 2G, 3G and 4G system. The NBTC has allocated 170 million numbers to operators and it now has only 21 million numbers left, so the regulator will be stricter in allocating more numbers.

The NBTC has revised its fee structures, setting the maximum tariffs for mobile service under the 1800MHz and 900MHhz at 69 satang per minute for voice services and 26 satang per megabyte per second (Mbps) for data services. For the 2100MHz spectrum, the maximum voice charge is 82 satang per minute and 28 satang per Mbps.

4G should be increasingly available in Thailand during 2018.

dTac will continue to service customers on their 2G network which will be available (we are told) on 850MHz or 1800MHz until at least 15 Dec 2018.

AIS no longer operates a 2G network – A 3G so called ‘Smart-phone’ & SIM is the minimum requirement.

All Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) Mobile Telephone SIM-cards are required to be Registered to their owner. Unregistered SIMs will be disconnected from their Networks and numbers may be re-sold to new Subscribers.
Registered SIMs allow for a free replacement SIM with the same telephone number, or blocking of your old SIM if you choose a new one. Very useful if your phone is lost.
Remember, you can ask for your network TEXTS to be in either Thai or English (but obviously NOT private texts).

Mobile Phones: Various providers have offices in Pattaya:

D-tac office in BigC South, BigC-extra, BigC Marina, Tesco Lotus and Harbor Mall.
AIS (1-2-call) Telewiz outlets are in the same places plus IT City (TukCom). AIS main office in Pattaya (not Telewiz), is to the left of the Beach Rd entrance to Central Festival Pattaya Beach Mall, lower level entrance.

True-Move Telephone, internet and cable tv services are two floors up in Royal Garden Plaza, also Big-C South and Big C-extra for their main Office (old Carrefour Shopping Centre), also on Pattaya Tai, just East of TukCom toward Friendship Supermarket, next to Kasikorn Bank.  (Thanks to Richard for various additions)

Since 2006, the domestic access code of Thailand mobile numbering has changed from 0 to 04, 06, 08, 09, (and soon to be others). Mobile (cell-phone) numbers now start with these prefixes and are 10 digits long – e.g. “04xxxxxxxx” or “09xxxxxxxx.

(For helpful information go to ‘Wiki’ website
Overseas calls to Thailand mobile numbers must be dialled as follows: (Example only)
+66 6 1234 5678 or +66 8 1234 5678 (a total of 11 digits)

The mark “+” above indicates that an international access/exit code is needed in the country you are calling FROM,
e.g. 008 (Singapore), 0011 (Australia), 011 (USA), 00 (UK).
(List of Country access/exit codes:

The common requirement to remove the first “0” from the Thai Domestic number when calling from outside Thailand is still current. Examples are shown here:

If you wish to call a Thailand mobile number 08 1234 5678, the total number of digits will depend on WHERE you call FROM, e.g.:-
Call from UK: 00 66 8 1264 5678  (13 digits)
Call from USA: 011 66 8 1264 5678  (14 digits)
Call from Singapore: 001 66 8 1234 5678  (14 digits)
Call from Australia: 0011 66 8 1264 5678  (15 digits)

(List of Country access/exit codes:

Access to Thailand fixed line (house-phone), dialling method has NOT changed.

Your network provider can give more information.

How do you distinguish between Thailand’s mobile phone numbers and house phone numbers, now that there are so many mobile prefixes?
Basically Thai domestic numbers are 9 digits for Fixed-line (house) phones, 10 digits for Mobile phone. (eg Fixed-line 038 xxx xxx), (eg Mobile 04 xxxx xxxx).

D-tac (Happy) has a very cheap promotion that costs less than 17 baht per hour to another D-tac number, anywhere in Thailand, (0.25baht per min + 2 baht for the first min) (1.25 baht per minute to non-D-tac numbers). Another promotion costs 0.5 baht per minute to all phones. Yet another promotion allows 365 days use for any amount of ‘top-up’. For low-volume users you can ‘buy’ time only, right from your handset, 2 baht for 1 month. D-tac (Happy) has a good website – (
Please Note: by March 2015 all Thai Mobile providers must offer a ‘per/second promotion’ to supplement the current ‘per/minute’ choice.

House Phones: ToT current charges for a new installation are around 4000 baht + a Deposit against non-payment of Bills. (+ 100 baht line rental per month)

Pattaya fixed-line (house-phone) telephone numbers starting 0382xxxxx or 0384xxxxx are TOT lines. Those starting 0383xxxxx or 0387xxxxx are leased lines to other Phone Companies.
The ‘038’ prefix covers a very large area (Chachoengsao, Chon Buri, & Rayong). Do NOT fall into the trap of thinking ALL 038 numbers are local 3 baht/hr. Outside of your own ‘local area’ the charge is 3 baht/min unless you use the special discount code ‘1234’ (see next).

DISCOUNT ToT & TT&T House-lines
Save money on Domestic calls in Thailand, from a ‘fixed-line’ (house-phone), using ToT lines – with y-Tel1234.
When dialling within Thailand, but OUTSIDE your own ‘local’ area, dial 1234 first, then the full area code and number you are calling, to ANY phone – ANYWHERE IN THAILAND (both fixed line AND mobile), you will get a substantial discount (current 2015). e.g. From Pattaya a call to the furthest area of Isaan, to a mobile phone, is normally 6 baht/min (ToT). Using this ‘1234’ system the cost is reduced to 1.5 baht/min maximum, every time, 24hrs a day. Calling a Landline starts at 0.5 baht/min (current promotion).
This works FROM ANY FIXED-LINE PHONE to both fixed and mobile.
ToT mobiles use the same system – cost 1.5 baht/min to anywhere in Thailand.
[Currently D-tac is even cheaper than this! – see above]
Example of dial sequence: 1234-053-43xxxx (for Chiang Mai area number)

If you have to call outside your area use the ‘1234 system’ (listed above). At least it will be cheaper than a direct call.

The only time you can use a ‘national’ number and get a local charge is if the complete number is a 4-digit number, e.g. 1222 (similar to the 0800 system in UK, or 800 system in US). For example ToT has a national Internet access number 1288 (only for ToT lines, you need to register first on-line). You can use these 4-digit numbers from anywhere in Thailand for a ‘local’ charge.

D-Tac. 40 Satang/min (0.40 baht) after the first minute (1 baht or 3 baht for the first minute, depending on the promotion) to all numbers. If you have D-Tac, or Dprompt, or Happy SIM, dial *1003 and follow the instructions, or go to one of the D-Tac outlets in the big supermarkets. It’s also handy to top-up your prepaid time with these networks from an ATM, or via internet-banking. A simple method of getting a time-period extension without having to add call-credit is to use your phone credit to buy days. e.g. dial this to extend by 180 days (D-tac) (*113*180*9#) (without the brackets) and you have a 180 day extension. Cost 12 baht!
TIP – if you are out of Thailand and your current top-up expires, you may loose the complete value – AND your phone number. A top-up via the Internet can be accomplished from anywhere. Consider this before you leave.

Dtac also has a dedicated website to view details of your own personal number. e.g. account balance, promotion type, changing promotion, detailed call statement. You are asked for your number, then sent a ‘PIN’ code to enter into the site, and gain access to your own account details. Very easy, very useful!
To set-up Dtac’s happy web interface for extra services – see URL:

You may wish to change your Network Supplier (different SIM), but find that a SIM from a different Network will be blocked due to the phone being ‘locked’ to one network. This can be overcome by “Unlocking” your phone. Pattaya prices for this service are around 300 baht from a phone shop, or from an Internet company for slightly cheaper. Unlocking involves keying a specific code into your phone – every phone/network is a different code. This code relates to your IMEI number (unique to each phone), the Network to which it is locked and the make & model of the phone. A code from a UK company via the Internet for a payment of UKP2.99 worked well for me. (Note: D-tac international company name is actually – Total Access Worldphone)

One more tip. SMS (this is the text messaging service, available on most mobile phones) charges around 8 baht per message (a fixed charge, depending on provider) to anywhere in the world. D-Tac/Happy charge 8 baht per message international, 3 baht domestic.

The internet is still the cheapest world-wide telephone service (Skype, for example), but it requires computer equipment. However, if you are one of those lucky ones on a good fast Broadband connection, there are lots to choose from.

Most Thai mobiles these days will call International, including pre-paid card phones. If it will not, take it to a phone office and they can re-program it. Each network has their own promotional codes for reduced charges per minute – these change periodically, check with your network supplier.

There are now a few ‘official’ companies offering International Telephone Services here in Thailand.

CAT – offers ‘International’ connections via the prefix 001 & 009 (different prices), and is available for almost all phones (both fixed line & mobile).

ToT – offers ‘International’ connections via the prefix 007 & 008 (different prices), and is available for all phones.

D-tac – offers ‘International’ connections via the prefix 004, only available from Happy-SIM Mobiles to many countries.

AIS (one-2-call) – offers ‘International’ connections via the prefix 005, only available from AIS-SIM Mobiles to many countries.

TRUE – have their own pre-dial codes for reduced rates 006. <>

001. Is the original International Access code for use FROM Thailand. All phones will connect if prefix 001 is used. The quality is excellent, BUT this is the most expensive method. In most cases it will NOT be necessary to use 001 for voice – try some others first.

This is current July 2015 (prices vary with promotions):

A ‘Phone Net’ card obtainable from CAT (and many small mini-marts) cost 300 or 500 baht. These allow International calls to various destinations for as low as 3 baht-min. Prices vary for different destinations. Cards are valid for 1-year from initial use.

Various Phone Cards are good value from ThaiTelephone. UK Bt2/min – USA Bt1/min. Prices in English:

David in Udon wrote: When I travel to USA, I take along the US 800- tollfree number printed on CAT’s Phone Net enclosure, along with the card’s code. That way, I pay only 6 baht/min with instant access to the familiar CAT-girl’s voice menu. Ideal for US-based farang wishing to call their ‘tee-rak’: have your honey buy a CAT card locally, then email the code to you. Good one David, thanks. allows calls from Thailand to UK & US for 5 pence (UKP) per min (June 2018). You need to charge your account via a credit card, but the callback service is quick and clear. Works from any phone in Thailand that allows caller ID (most do).

How to call a UK mobile phone, using a Thai mobile phone:
Exit Code* – 44 – Mobile Code** – The Number
(remove the first zero of the UK area code)

Exit Code* – Thailand exit code to dial first when calling international
44 – United Kingdom country code must be dialed next
Mobile Code** – United Kingdom mobile code must be dialed next
Exit Code* – 44 – Mobile Code** – Local Number – Overall dialing format
Exit Code – Thailand has multiple telephone carriers: 005 (AIS Advanced Info Service), 001 (Cat Telecom), 007 (TOT Public Company Limited), 004 (D-tac Total Access Communication PLC), 006 (TrueMove)

Many questions come up relating to International Telephone Calls to Thailand. The following is a very basic explanation:

Four sets of numbers are required to successfully call Internationally – FROM anywhere.

1. The International Exchange access/exit number in the country you are calling FROM.

2. The country ID-code number you are calling TO. (List of Country access/exit codes:

3. The ‘area-code’ in the country you are calling TO.

4. The actual subscriber phone number in the country you are calling TO.
1. To access the International Exchange if you are in USA: 011

1. To access the International Exchange if you are in UK: 00

1. To access the International Exchange if you are in Thailand: 001, 009, 008, 007,006,005,004 (each charge different rates – see above).

2. The Country ID-code for Thailand is: 66 (USA is: 1, UK is: 44, Australia is: 61)

3. The ‘area-code’ for Pattaya is: 38 (Bangkok is: 2, Chiang Mai is: 53)

3. The ‘area-code’ for all mobiles now starts with an 8 since the change of all mobile numbers (see above)

4. Here’s where the problem usually occurs!

Thai numbers are listed as (e.g) 038xxxxxx or 02xxxxxxx for fixed line phone (always 9 digits) or maybe 08xxxxxxxx for a mobile (always 10 digits), but this only applies when dialling from WITHIN Thailand. When calling International TO Thailand the first ‘0’ is always omitted (leaving 8 or 9 digits).

So when calling a Thai house-phone from UK, the full dial could be 00 66 38xxxxxx (12 digits). When calling a Thai mobile from UK, the full dial could be 00 66 87xxxxxxx (13 digits).

00 is the international access code within UK.

66 is Thailand’s international ID code.

38xxxxxx – the actual house-phone number of the subscriber in Thailand. 87xxxxxxx – the actual mobile-phone number of the subscriber in Thailand.

And a ‘house-phone’ in Pattaya from USA would be 011 66 38xxxxxx (13 digits).

011 is the international access code within USA.

As you can see, how many digits you dial depends on WHERE you are calling FROM, and where you are calling TO.

If you are calling from the UK there are a number of ‘cheaper-rate’ companies to choose from. In each case you are required to dial a UK number BEFORE dialling international. (The access numbers change periodically, so keep checking the websites).

Look here for an index of cheap phone call operators in UK (many at 1p per min):

EXAMPLE. If calling a Thai ‘House-phone’ or ‘mobile’ from the UK, you would dial the UK phone number first – pause briefly (maybe hearing a short announcement telling you the cost per minute) – then ALL of the ‘normal international’ number (mentioned above)

e.g. (everything you need to dial) 08444621919 – wait for announcement, then 006638xxxxxx – that’s it for a house-phone! (00668xxxxxxxx for a mobile-phone)

(Beware, non BT line providers may charge extra for this service)

UK mobiles can call Thailand using the above systems. To find out the cost of calling from a UK mobile, or a non BT landline, you should confirm the rates directly with your service provider as these may vary. Here is a short list of the information access numbers to a few popular UK mobile providers:

Orange – (07973 100 150)

Vodafone – (07836 191 191)

mmO2 – (08705 214 000)

One 2 One / T-Mobile – (08454 125000)

Virgin – (0845 6000 789)

NTL – (0800 052 2000)

Telewest – (0845 142 00 00)

BT – (0800 800 150)

One.Tel – (0800 957 0700).

Check the rates before you call. They do vary a lot, but some are VERY cheap!

A reader from Belgium uses – Always very good access and good sound quality. To verify the credit card you have to give your telephone number and they call you to ask for the 3 digit control number from your credit card. This procedure happens only once during the opening of your account. Good now for 15 months. (Thanks to Guido & Phai January 2006)

A reader sent this recommendation for ‘reduced cost’ calls to Thailand (and to many other destinations). Visit for further information.
(Thanks Nick)

To call Thailand from Australia – March 2006 – I’ve been using a prepaid calling card called “Click” that can be purchased in Australia at many tobacco shops, convenience stores, some petrol stations. Not every shop would have it, ask around. This card may not be the cheapest, according to the advertised rate, but this was the best deal I could find – in total cost and experience. After you bought the card (in 10, 20, 50 dollar denominations) you can recharge it by calling customer service 1300 300 356 and paying any amount you want by credit card. Current rate is 5 cents a minute (Bangkok & Chiang Mai) and 12.5 cents a minute rest of Thailand & mobile. Website: ( – Thank you Andrei.

Please tell us of cheap-rate access to Thailand from other countries, especially USA & Australia (email [email protected]). Expats helping Expats!

ToT service center – dial 1100

ToT Directory Enquiries – 1133 (follow instructions for language choice). Also at (Thai language)

ToT operator – 101

ToT office numbers (Pattaya) – 0-3842-2027, 0-3842-2267, 0-3842-2475, 0-3842-2922, 0-3842-8113, 0-3890-0001, Fax. 0-3842-1500

ToT faults – dial 1100, follow instructions for language etc, and enter faulty number when prompted. Be prepared to give an alternative phone number for contact
(maybe mobile phone).
Alternativly – By phone (24/7) dial 1177 followed by the 9-digit number of the faulty line. e.g. To report problems on phone number 038412345, press 1 1 7 7 0 3 8 4 1 2 3 4 5 Then, specify the problem and provide a contact phone number or an email address to the staff. Available from all phone networks countrywide.
Also via the internet, (Thai language only)

ToT website, rates of 1234, 007 & 008, and general information –

ToT Directory lookup – 1133 (Multilingual).
Also available – (Thai language only)

CAT website – (

D-tac pre-paid phone –

AIS-1 2 Call current promotions

Call2 ( (International calling from Thailand)
via Callback or Direct Call

List of Country access/exit codes:

If you’re still having problems, or to correct this article please email – ([email protected]) with subject line – TELEPHONE TIPS

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