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Pattaya City Hall slammed by angry Thai’s

Pattaya City Hall slammed by angry Thai’s

An online petition was recently started and has already gained 100’s of signatures calling for Pattaya City Hall to scrap plans to renovate the Dolphin roundabout in North Pattaya.

On August 15th, yet another meeting was held by Pattaya council members to discuss the plans. The whole sage has been going on for some time now with locals hugely against the renovation whilst city hall believe the new plans will help traffic flow in the area.

To rub salt into the wounds, the latest meeting was held at one of Pattaya’s most expensive hotels, with furious Thai’s questioning the waste of money when city hall is already home to many conference and meeting rooms.

The new plans which are being discussed have been priced at 6.9 million baht and look set to replace the original Dolphin roundabout, which has been there since 1995.

After hearing reports regarding the meeting, the Thai social media world almost went into meltdown here in Pattaya, with protests coming in from all angles.

Many different suggestions to improve the area instead of the proposed plans were put forward by various people, but one comment stood out in particular in which someone called for “the whole lot of them to be sacked”.

I’m pretty sure that won’t happen, but many suggested that the council members start listening to the locals and try to come to some sort of compromise which would suit all parties.

It was only last week that a spokesperson for city hall told reports that the plans for the Dolphin roundabout was not on the agenda, which left every man and his dog wondering why the meeting was held in the first place.


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