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Pattaya beach now dubbed War Zone 

Pattaya beach now dubbed War Zone by tourists

The tourists were now calling a 200 meter stretch of North Pattaya beach a war zone.     This was because of:                                                                                                    * Huge bags of sand that no one seemed to be doing anything with
* What they called bunkers on the beach
* Mountains of trash
* And now, to complete the war zone analogy, the refugees have even moved in….well, the homeless.

The title of the war zone was given by tourists for the area from the Dusit Resort heading towards South Pattaya. No one from the private contractors seemed to be there when reporters came calling. The homeless had moved in after fences were ripped out.

What was once a “world class” beach is now a tip, they said, once again repeating the mantra that this was “damaging the image of Pattaya”. With the high season fast approaching the media called on the authorities to ensure that the work at the beach was hurried up.

Thai media has been increasingly vocal in recent weeks slamming contractors and the authorities for the state of the beach and other pressing local issues. Source: Manager Online

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