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Passenger on Asiana Airlines flight arrested for opening an Emergency exit

A passenger on an Asiana Airlines trip to South Korea was detained for unlocking the jet door.When an Asiana Airlines flight touched down in South Korea, a man was detained for unlocking the emergency door.

The flight’s 194 passengers all made it off the plane alive, and it landed on Friday at Daegu International Airport with its door still open.According to local media, some passengers passed out while others had breathing issues and were brought to the hospital.

According to Yonhap news agency, the 30-year-old guy was detained as soon as he landed.

An Airbus A321-200 aircraft, flight OZ8124, had departed Jeju Island on Friday at around 11:45 local time (03:45 GMT).About an hour later, as the plane was still 250 meters above the ground, a male passenger opened the emergency door.

On social media, a passenger’s video of the gap in the plane’s left side and the winds buffeting rows of seated people can be seen.Witnesses told local media that the plane was close to land when the flight attendants could not stop him.They claimed that after opening the door, the man also attempted to leap out of the aircraft.The panic on board has been described by passengers.

One 44-year-old passenger described the chaotic situation to Yonhap as “it was chaos with people close to the door appearing to faint one by one and flight attendants calling out for doctors on board through broadcasting.””I believed the plane was exploding. I believed I would pass away in this manner, he continued. A number of young people in school age were also traveling on board, perhaps to a weekend sporting event.

One of the students’ mothers told Yonhap that her youngster was “shaking, crying, and terrified.”The defendant had not yet provided an explanation for his acts, according to the police, and he wasn’t intoxicated when he was taken into custody.

A representative remarked, “It’s hard to have a normal conversation with him. “We’ll look into the crime’s motivation and punish him.”

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