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Passenger jumps out of emergency exit onto moving plane’s wing

A passenger on an American Airlines flight landing in Miami, Florida, from Colombia, exited the plane by busting out of an emergency exit and jumping on the wing.

Christian Segura, 33, opened an emergency door and jumped onto the wing of the aircraft as it was pulling into its designated terminal around 7.16p.m on Wednesday.

The plane was arriving from Cali, Colombia, at Miami International Airport when Segura, who is an American citizen, decided to make a quick exit, WPLG reported.

He was immediately detained by law enforcement officials after using the emergency exit.

‘During deplaning in Miami, a customer on American Airlines flight 920 with service from Cali, Colombia (CLO) to MIA exited the aircraft via an emergency exit,’ an American Airlines spokesperson said.

‘The customer was immediately detained by law enforcement. We thank our team members and law enforcement for their professionalism and quick action.’

When police arrived at the scene, Segura had been taken into custody.

It’s currently unclear why the man decided to open the emergency exit.

Video footage shows a flight attendant sticking their head out the emergency exit, trying to see where Segura went.

Police said he was initially detained by agents from US Customs and Border Protection, due to the fact that it was an international flight, but has since been transferred into the custody of the Miami-Dade Police Department.

The incident didn’t cause any delays, and other passengers aboard the American Airlines flight were able to disembark without any issue.

Segura was later transferred to a nearby medical facility after telling officers he did not feel well.

At Jackson Memorial Hospital’s emergency room, paramedics determined he had high blood pressure, WPLG reported.

He will be booked into jail once released from the hospital.


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