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Panda uses bamboo paint brush to make art that sells for 20,000 baht

This is the astonishing moment a creative panda bear uses a bamboo paint brush and produces a 20,000 baht works of art.

Yang Yang the panda replaces orangutan Nonja as the zoo’s resident artist after the great ape died in April. Prior to its death, Nonja used to sell paintings for up to 21,000 baht.

The panda bear lives at Schoenbrunn Zoo in the Austrian capital Vienna, considered the oldest continuously operating zoo in the world.

The panda’s paintings are being sold on crowdfunding platform Startnext and are available at:

Proceeds will help zoo photographer Daniel Zupanc raise money to publish a picture book about the Viennese zoo’s pandas.

Zupanc said: “The illustrated book will show the most beautiful photos of Schoenbrunn’s pandas and will be published in German and English.

He said that creating the book is “a dream” as he has been photographing the zoo’s pandas for over 10 years.

According to reports, Yang Yang will paint 100 works of art, each of them selling for 490 EUR (20,000 baht) and coming with an authenticity certificate.

Zookeeper Eveline Dungl said: “Yang Yang has a lot of fun painting. She can hardly wait to pick up the brush and as soon as she is within reach of it, off we go.”

As a reward, the zookeepers feed Yang Yang with carrots and sweet potatoes, as seen in the footage.

Schoenbrunn Zoo has had its fair share of talented painters in the past, with orangutan Nonja being the best known.

Nonja gained international fame for her love of painting which she first started in 1998.

Some of Nonja’s works have been sold for up to 21,000 baht and the famous orangutan was often visited by many admirers, including renowned British primatologist Dame Jane Goodall.

Nonja died from kidney failure in April this year at the age of 42.

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