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Only 73,000 Retirement Visas issued in Thailand, says UN Report

It has been claimed, over recent years, that Thailand has between 500,000 and ONE MILLION foreign retirees living across the Kingdom.

But a new U.N report, compiled using information from the Thailand Immigration Bureau, has revealed only 72,969 Retirement Visas were issued as of November 2018

The Thailand Migration Report 2019 contains 11 chapters that review themes such as working conditions, access to services, retirement, students, human trafficking and exploitation.

Each chapter, written by a specific UN agency, provides up-to-date information on migration trends and patterns in

Thailand, as well as independent analysis of migration-related issues and policy developments.

Recommendations for policy and programmatic changes to improve migration governance are also included.


The Thailand Migration Report 2019 is a publication jointly produced by members of the UN Thailand Working Group on Migration.



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