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OMNIC Parcel Lockers in Thailand: A New Trend Reaches Southeast Asia

OMNIC Parcel Lockers in Thailand: A New Trend Reaches Southeast Asia

Smart parcel lockers gained widespread popularity first in Europe and then in the USA. Southeast Asia, however, has either not seen a significant demand for lockers or simply lacked awareness about them for quite some time. Nevertheless, Thailand seems to be among the first in the region to introduce this technology on a large scale.

Why Thailand Is Embracing Parcel Lockers

It’s evident that utilizing smart lockers for mail, parcels, goods, and even food is a significant leap forward in last-mile delivery. While in Europe and North America, parcel locker networks are extensively utilized by large, medium, and small retailers as well as e-commerce stores, Thailand is only now starting to see shifts in this direction.

Indeed, the country is actively transitioning to parcel lockers, which are already competing with the state-owned enterprise “Thailand Post,” which until recently had a virtual monopoly in last-mile delivery. Although Thailand Post offered a useful and familiar feature like shipment tracking by today’s standards, self-service smart lockers offer numerous advantages:

  • No need to maintain staff to handle lockers.
  • Reliable security systems and anti-vandal measures.
  • 24/7 operation in fully autonomous mode.
  • Theft or interception by unauthorized individuals is nearly eliminated.
  • Streamlined delivery—couriers don’t need to personally meet recipients.

It’s logical that by 2024, Thailand has already assessed the experiences of other countries in using parcel lockers, hence the rationale for transitioning to these technologies.

OMNIC – Your Reliable Partner in Thailand

Thailand presents a new market for manufacturers of ready-made parcel locker solutions for businesses and retail. OMNIC is a manufacturer of self-service smart lockers that started its operations in 2012 and is now a significant player in the Thai market. Currently, there is extensive work underway to produce and launch OMNIC’s own networks of parcel lockers in Thailand. You may have seen their products in many European countries as well as in the USA—they are already present in Southeast Asia.

If you are interested in collaborating with one of the leading manufacturers of ready-made parcel locker solutions, visit the official website, submit your inquiry, and you will be contacted soon!

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