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Obtaining its 20th Airbus A350-900 is Ethiopian Airlines.

The airline now has 20 A350s in its fleet, bringing the total to over 140. Additionally, the carrier has 27 Boeing 787 Dreamliners in service, with more on the way.

Ethiopian Airlines has received its last Airbus A350-900, at least for the time being. The aircraft was delivered to the carrier on April 28, and it landed at its Addis Ababa hub the following day, on April 29. The carrier will now be waiting for the four Airbus A350-1000s that it ordered last year in addition to the almost 20 Boeing aircraft that are now in transit.

plane and delivery flight information

On Friday, April 28th, at 21:39 local time, Ethiopian Airlines’ most recent A350-900 departed Toulouse. The jet’s six hours, eleven minute flight time was designated as ET9201. On April 29 at 04:50 local time, it then made its way to Addis Abeba.The aircraft has the manufacturer serial number (MSN) 611 and is registered ET-AZN.

On April 10th, this specific Airbus A350 was first seen running its engines and performing a taxi check. A total of three test flights were carried out before to the delivery flight on April 28th, according to Aviation Flights, after its initial test flight on April 12th. Eight hours and 27 minutes were spent testing the plane in total.A350-900, the final

This most recent delivery, according to, is the last A350-900 that Ethiopian Airlines is anticipated to receive. The website does indicate that four Airbus A350-1000s are still scheduled to arrive, though. When it upgraded four of its pending A350-900 orders to the longer model in July 2022, the extended A350s were formally ordered. Due to the swap, Ethiopian Airlines became the first airline in Africa to order the A350-1000.

Not only Airbus airplanes have not yet been delivered. The airline is still anticipating 17 Boeing 737 MAX 8s and two additional 787-9 Dreamliners, according to statistics from At the time of publication, there were 141 aircraft in the airline’s fleet as a whole. But this also applies to a number of Boeing 777 freighters.

Where do Ethiopian Airlines’ Airbus A350s fly?

Airbus A350-900s used by Ethiopian Airlines to run both long- and short-haul flights. Due to their fifth-freedom service between Douala, Cameroon and Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, the airline does, in fact, make the list of airlines with the shortest A350 flights. Between Milan-Malpensa and Zurich, the airline runs a second, rather brief fifth-freedom service.

The airline also flies to Beijing and Shanghai in the east, as well as as far as Toronto (via Dublin), at the other end of the route distance spectrum. The travel from Toronto to Addis Abeba takes about 12 and a half hours, whereas flights from Shanghai and Beijing can last for about 11 or 12 hours. The airline’s Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner is used on numerous more long-distance trips.

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