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Illegal beggars from Cambodia busted

Cambodian beggars pattaya one Feb 2 2024

Thai authorities in Chon Buri province recently carried out a crackdown on illegal begging in Pattaya, specifically targeting a group of Cambodian beggars. Led by Police chief Colonel Napatspong Khotsitsuriyamani and Pol. Col. Nawin Thirawit, the operation aimed to maintain the tourism appeal of Pattaya. However, the authorities made a shocking discovery during the crackdown.

During the operation, officials identified eleven individuals involved in illegal begging, including seven Cambodian women and four children. These beggars had entered Thailand through covert natural routes in various provinces, including Sa Kaeo and Chanthaburi, posing risks to their own lives while soliciting money in Pattaya. The authorities have taken action against them to preserve the positive image of the popular tourist destination.

One of the Cambodian women, aged 36, admitted to illegally entering Thailand with her three-month-old daughter and two-year-old son. They had traveled through dense jungle paths at Ban Laem village in Chanthaburi province, along the Cambodian border. The group strategically targeted tourist spots and allegedly earned an estimated daily income of 1,000 baht through begging.

As a result, they now face preliminary charges for illegal entry and violating the Begging Control Act, and will likely be deported. According to the Pattaya Mail, three pairs of mothers and children from the group will be placed in a childcare facility in Bang Lamung district. These individuals will undergo DNA testing to confirm their biological relationships. In case any irregularities are found in the test results, it will be treated as a potential human trafficking case.

Overall, the Thai authorities have taken decisive action to address the issue of illegal begging and protect the tourism appeal of Pattaya.


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