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Noisy Thailand, even the Thais are fed up with it

Noisy Thailand, even the Thais are fed up with it

Noisy Thailand: Surveys have shown that one of the biggest problems in Thailand is noise pollution.

While many foreign tourists and expats think Thais just grin and bear it, the opposite is in fact true.

In terms of being an annoyance factor noise is the number one source of complaints throughout the country.

A New TV story on the subject quoted a university professor as saying that nearly a third of all complaints to the authorities like the police and district authorities are about noise.

Dr Sitthidech Pongkitworasing who heads an organisation looking into the problems of the people said that noise pollution was a big issue in Thailand. It accounts for 32.8% of complaints nationwide, he said.

Information from the Thailand Research Fund showed where much of the aggravation comes from.

They listed:

People who are drunk
Noisy road racers
Festivals and parties
Vehicle repair shops
Soi dogs and feral cats and 

These were the main culprits but there are many more.

So what could people do about it?

Advice from the Research Fund is to record when, where and how often noise occurs.

Then report it by calling 191, using the police app “Police i lert u” or contacting the local station.

If that doesn’t work try contacting the district office.

In Bangkok you can call 1555 or try

“Rong took” means to complain about problems you might be facing

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