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New regulations for small scale drug dealers

New regulations for small scale drug dealers

A significant change in Thailand’s drug possession laws was announced today with a Cabinet resolution passing. Under this resolution, an individual found in possession of just one methamphetamine tablet, commonly known as “yaa baa,” or 100mg of crystal methamphetamine, also known as Ice, will now be categorized as a drug user. Previously, the threshold stood at five yaa baa tablets or 500mg of Ice.

Karom Pholpornklang, the Deputy government spokesman, explained that this adjustment aims to curb the proliferation of small-scale drug dealers. The change follows the implementation of a ministerial regulation on February 9, which initially set the possession threshold higher, leading to public outcry and calls for a reassessment.

Pholpornklang clarified that possession of one yaa baa tablet or 100mg of Ice will no longer be deemed a serious offense. Offenders will instead be directed towards rehabilitation. However, this leniency will be considered in conjunction with other factors, including the individual’s behavior and the extent of their addiction.

Thailand has recently experienced a surge in yaa baa circulation, much of it smuggled across the porous border with Myanmar by armed guards from hill tribes associated with ethnic minority forces in Myanmar.

According to Thai anti-narcotics and security sources, the ongoing civil conflict in Myanmar has fueled a spike in the production and smuggling of affordable yaa baa pills into Thailand. These pills are used to generate funds for various factions involved in the conflict

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