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Newborn baby found dumped in toilet

Newborn baby found dumped in toilet

At around 2:30pm on July 25th, a police in the resort of Krabi, Thailand, were called after a newborn baby was found dumped in a toilet at a gas station.

Police and rescue workers arrived quickly onto the scene to find the newborn stuck upside down in a toilet bowl.

Amazingly, the baby was still alive but there was blood present and the body was rushed to the nearest hospital for emergency care. A short time later news emerged that the baby had no injuries and was in fact a healthy little girl, much to the delight of rescue workers and hospital staff.

It was staff at the gas station who had alerted police in the first place. They gave a statement saying that the hadn’t noticed and unusual behavior that day, but it was when they went to use the bathroom that they discovered the helpless child.

Police are currently looking through CCTV images from the gas station and surrounding area in an attempt to find out how the baby got there. They are also currently trying to track down the parents, in particular the mother of the child and wish to bring them both in for questioning.

It is not known whether they are looking at pressing any charges as of yet, but will wait until after they have chance to speak to the parents.

For now, the baby is now safely in the hands of hospital staff and it seems it will be that way until a better solution is found.

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