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NEOM Airlines to debut as another Saudi airline

NEOM Airlines, a further brand-new Saudi airline, will debut in 2019

The airline is being established to provide service to the futuristic megacity in the nation’s northwest.

Most persons concerned in travel and aviation are now aware of Saudi Arabia’s significant investment in tourism during the next years. Saudi Vision 2030, a government initiative, intends to diversify the economy of the kingdom away from oil and gas.

As a result, one of the objectives is to increase tourism’s contribution to GDP to 10% by the end of this decade by welcoming over 100 million people yearly. The Saudi Arabian travel industry is in a strong place right now thanks to all the government support and investment.

In addition to approving the Riyadh Air airline and its initial order of 39 Boeing 787 Dreamliners (with options for 33 more), the government has also established a subsidised program for other airlines, like Wizz Air, to boost travel to and from the Kingdom.

As seen by the recent announcement of a new startup carrier that vows to set itself apart from the start with innovation and sustainability, there does indeed appear to be room for additional efforts. The two-step technological strategy used by NEOM Airlines

The projected megacity of NEOM will be served by NEOM Airlines, which will start operations at the end of the fourth quarter of 2024, according to a story published by Zawya on Thursday. Klaus Goersch, a former Chief Operational Officer of British Airways and Air Canada, will serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the envisioned airline. On the project’s website, he made remarks on the expected debut and the “two-step method” in its development.

“To make the destination possible, we are there.

(…) We need to meet this demand rapidly, initially retrofitting existing aircraft with existing technology, because NEOM’s resorts won’t be operational until early 2024. But starting in 2026, we’ll be releasing new, cutting-edge airplanes — whether they’re supersonic, hydrogen-powered, or electric — with next-generation interiors. Manufacturers of seats, interiors, and aircraft are already the subject of our conversations.”

emulating what Emirates has done for Dubai for NEOM

The emphasis will be on digitalization, innovation, and sustainability, much like it is for the location the airline plans to fly to. With an immersive and digitally improved experience that starts long before you board the plane, NEOM claims it will eventually “elevate every single contact point.” Goersch added the following:

“Since they don’t take part in the front or back ends of the trip, other airlines are concentrating on the journey. Everything will be different for us. The Gulf airlines have done this to some extent, but we’ll go far further. For instance, there wouldn’t be a Dubai without Emirates, right? Prepare yourself for a completely unique traveling experience.”

Large screen IFE at every seat, 6G WiFi for gaming, and biometric security clearing without the need for specific gates or visa presentation at the airport are just a few of the standout features that NEOM Airlines is planned.

What the heck is NEOM?

If you’ve never heard of NEOM, it’s a $500 billion project that involves building a future city that will serve as a center for sustainable living, innovation, and technology. The initial renderings of the proposed structure resemble something from a science fiction film (if it is a good one remains to be seen following implementation).

A Bloomberg writer compared the stretched-out narrow corridor construction of one of its regions, known as “The Line,” to a “horizontal tower of Babel,” while others are thrilled to witness a variety of innovative technology come to life.

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